Design for all. Germany and India 2011-2012: Infinite Opportunities

Titel der Publikation Design for All Germany+India Titel DfA India

Publikation „Design for all. Infinite Opportunities. Germany and India 2011-2012″ des Design For All Institute of India in Zusammenarbeit mit EDAD erschienen.

Newsletter January 2012 Vol-7 No-1

Aus dem Inhalt:

Guest Editor (Dr. Peter Neumann)
Design for AllExperiences from Germany
Economic prerequisites of the concept of Design for All (Dr. Rüdiger Leidner)
Design for All in Germanya claim has to be put to reality. A Designers view (Boris Buchholz)
The (older) user in mind: „Design for Allfrom a German perspective (Mathias Knigge)
Intelligent Furniture: German SMEs improving their Design for All competencies (Sonia Carpinelli, Manfred Heilemann, Constanze Unger)
Health Tourism for Allexperiences from Germany (Andreas Lorenz, Peter Neumann, Kai Pagenkopf)
Design for AllBerlin for All (Ingeborg Stude)

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